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Casio SRS-4000


The Casio SR-S4000 cash register offers a generous keyboard with 30 “raised” department keys that can be pre-set priced or open to enter prices manually allowing retailers to categorize their sales. An optional scanner can be connected to one of the two Casio SR-S4000 serial ports, allowing up to 7,000 items to be scanned.

The Casio SR-S4000 comes equipped with a two station thermal receipt printer that prints both a receipt for customers and a printed journal for the merchant’s records. The merchant may customize their receipts with a graphic logo and program messages for both the top and bottom of the receipt.

One of the most impressive features of the Casio SR series of cash registers is it’s Bluetooth connectivity! The SR-S4000 comes standard with Bluetooth (BLE Ver 4.1) communications for the purpose of linking up to smartphones running Casio’s Connect ECR+ application. The free Connect ECR + app provides retailers the ability to read and reset sales totals from the SR-S4000. The main dashboard on the Connect ECR + app gives a quick snap shot of the day’s sales activity and provides the sale results in graphical format. Viewing detailed individual reports (Financial, Transaction, Department, PLU, Cashier, Groups and Hourly) are also available to retailers to analyze the store’s performance. Connect ECR+ also offers the ability to transfer the daily sales activity to the cloud for the purpose of providing historical data to be viewed at anytime and anywhere with smartphone coverage. In addition to the sales activity features being available on the Casio smartphone app, programming the machine through Connect ECR+ is also possible through easy to understand screens.

Integrated credit and debit is offered in Canada for the Casio SR-S4000 electronic cash register, and provided by Global Payment Systems. Integrated credit and debit streamlines transactions, reduces human error, and reduces the potential for fraud and theft. Integrated payments on your Casio cash register will also reduce the time it takes a merchant to reconcile transactions at the end of the day, because electronic payments tend to be penny accurate when used and setup correctly.

Feature Highlights

  • 10-line operator LCD display with easy viewing tilt
  • 2-line alpha-numeric pop up customer display
  • 30 department keys
  • Steel cash drawer 5 bill/5 coin
  • SD card slot for program backup/re-load
  • Option to add integrated payment device
  • Easy to use drop & paper load 2-station thermal printer
  • Scan up to 7,000 items (scanner optional)
  • Casio Connect ECR+ App (iOS & Android)




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